My make-up bag!

Ok so I decided to do a post on my makeup-up bag, my favourite brands and the items i wear the most. This is my makeup bag, I know it's huge but thats due to me buying something new every time I go shopping.

I use the top for my flase eyelashes

and the bottom for all of my make-up

These are the brushes i mainly use, from left to right: Kabuki brush, Gosh large eyeshadow brush, Superdrug's smaller eyeshadow brush, Elf concealer brush (I'm not a fan and want a new one!) Elf blusher brush, Mac 190 Foundation brush- ammmazing! , Elf fan brush, Bobbi brown double ended blending brush and gel eyeliner brush, and Bobbi brown lip brush.

These are the items I wear the most - my everyday look.

Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation, I recently purchased this after being so tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money trying to find a foundation I liked, and i have to say I'm very impressed, it's definatly the best one ive tried so far, it can give you both a light and a full coverage, lasts all day, and gives your skin a very glowy look. Benefit Hoola bronzer, I know mine looks very battered but I've literally had it for about a year, It's my favourite bronzer and it lasts foreverrr. Hello Flawless face powder, I use this just to set my foundation, but it can be used as a very light foundation on it's own. Moon beam face highlighter, Sally Hansen lip-gloss (another favourite!), and Benefit's high brow. Maybelline Falsies mascara, i bought this after reading about it in every magazine and it definately does make your eyelashes alot thicker than any other mascara i've tried. The little box of orange eyeshadow is by Pure, and is my favourite ever eyeshadow colour, i always wear gold's and bronzy colours in the day. The other eyeshadow is 'fawn over me' by Benefit and is a bronzy mushroom colour, which goes perfect with the Pure eyeshadow. In the day i normally stick with a pinky blush, wear-as at night ill go with a much darker bronze/brown blush. And finally the little black box is the eyebrow set from Benefit, this has also lasted me forever.


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