Treats in LDN


As I'm down in London for a few days for interviews and seeing my sister I couldnt resist a cheaky shop on Oxford street! I treated myself to some jewellery from Topshop and Orelia. The Orelia collection has some really gorgeous peices in, I love how detailed and delicate they look. I'm a little obsessed with pastel colours at the moment...and this turqoise colour is one of my favourites!






P.S - Shock makeup was bought!!

Winter Fashion

Although it's pretty sunny today, let's face it it's only February and we're still officially in Winter! I LOVE fall fashion so much more than summer..give me boots and a fur coat any day, so unlike many I'm not overly happy that spring is just around the corner. Although we've had a few sunny days here and there this week i do find it rather annoying it being sunny one day, rainy the's just too annoying knowing what to wear...especially for some of us (ME!) who's spring/summer wardrobe is rather incomplete.
Last week i had a wardrobe clear out and I got rid (gave to charity shop) of ALOT of clothes, I decided to be harsh..anything i wasn't wearing had to go. Now I am in much need of a wardrobe revamp!

I've been browsing online and these are a few things that have caught my eye....

1. Topshop embellished dress £75
2. River Island tan platform ankle boot £100
3. Topshop fur wax jacket £90
4. River Island black riding boots £100
5. Asos statment drop earring £15
6. Topshop chiffon shirt £36
7. Topshop leopard ankle boot £80
8. Asos snake hand harness £10
9. Topshop Suede ballet £25
10. River Island leather tote bag £65

P.S As you can tell from the earthy colour pallet I'm still adoring the few fall/winter pieces that are left out there, so let me know you prefer Summer or Winter fashion?


This weeks best dressed

Here's my pick of this weeks best dressed celebrities..




New Hair!

A few days ago i blogged about some hair changes i wanted to make (click here for the post) .. and are the results!

I decided not to go lighter and to stay my natural colour, but i did go for the middle parting, and SJP style layers. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

P.S - Apologies for the posing!


17 Mirror Shine Lipstick

Hello, hope your all having a lovely weekend! It is SO hot today, i have just been shopping for some things for my university house and i am now trying my best to lay out in the sun but i just get way to bored/distracted easily..sooo..I wanted to blog about a new lippie i am loving at the moment!

They are the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks.. a few months ago they caused quite a stir on the blogging community and i can totally see why.
I picked up my first one a few months ago in 'nudist peach' a warm toned peachy brown and literally from the first time i used it i have carried it everywhere with me (as you can clearly tell in the picture below!)

The Mirror shine lipsticks are a mix between a lipstick, a gloss and a balm, they create such a lovely sheer glossy lip and they are so moisturising. These are perfect for anyone who isn't a fan of lipgloss because of the stickyness and the gloopy texture.
What i love the most is how easy to wear they are, as they are pretty sheer they don't require a mirror to be applied you can just re-apply on the go.

After loving nudist peach so much i popped back to Boots Last week and picked up another in the most popular shade 'Beehive' - a pinky nude which after I've now worn a few times i can say i love just as much.

If your not a fan of opaque lipsticks and want something much more subtle..give these ago.

Left to right : Beehive, Nudist Peach

Nudist Peach


Left to right : Nudist peach, Beehive