Winter Fashion

Although it's pretty sunny today, let's face it it's only February and we're still officially in Winter! I LOVE fall fashion so much more than summer..give me boots and a fur coat any day, so unlike many I'm not overly happy that spring is just around the corner. Although we've had a few sunny days here and there this week i do find it rather annoying it being sunny one day, rainy the's just too annoying knowing what to wear...especially for some of us (ME!) who's spring/summer wardrobe is rather incomplete.
Last week i had a wardrobe clear out and I got rid (gave to charity shop) of ALOT of clothes, I decided to be harsh..anything i wasn't wearing had to go. Now I am in much need of a wardrobe revamp!

I've been browsing online and these are a few things that have caught my eye....

1. Topshop embellished dress £75
2. River Island tan platform ankle boot £100
3. Topshop fur wax jacket £90
4. River Island black riding boots £100
5. Asos statment drop earring £15
6. Topshop chiffon shirt £36
7. Topshop leopard ankle boot £80
8. Asos snake hand harness £10
9. Topshop Suede ballet £25
10. River Island leather tote bag £65

P.S As you can tell from the earthy colour pallet I'm still adoring the few fall/winter pieces that are left out there, so let me know you prefer Summer or Winter fashion?


  1. I love Autumn fashion so much more too, I love snuggling in a big cardigan. Layers are my friend!

  2. Lovely! Much prefer Autumn/Winter to Summer fashion :)

  3. Gorgeous picks! The tan ankle boots are definitely my fave but I think I could do with adding everything here to my wardrobe! xxx


  4. ooooo. I love winter and summer fashion! Though I usually find that by the end of one season, I am usually read for the next one. :)


  5. Love the suede flats. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons