Hair Update

As a few of you may know from twitter i have been looking for a new hair style and colour. I have had extensions sewn in for around 9 months now but had them taken out last weekend just to give my hair a break for a couple of months and to keep it in good condition. I'm planning to have them put back in around September/October for when i go back to uni, longer hair has always suited me so much better and after trial and error I've found the sewn in extensions are the best for me.
So for now i need a new style for my own natural hair is medium-length, dark brown, thick and wavy and after trawling the Internet i have found a style that i think should suit me.

This Picture of Sarah Jessica Parker taken from the sex and the city movie is exactly how i want it! Chocolate brown, middle parting, shortest layer just below the chin. I'll probably have to have around 2 inches cut off but that doesn't bother me if it's going to make my hair look healthy.

I have an appointment booked for tomorrow so fingers crossed this turns out OK.

I few pictures i found for inspiration (just style..not colour)..


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