17 Mirror Shine Lipstick

Hello, hope your all having a lovely weekend! It is SO hot today, i have just been shopping for some things for my university house and i am now trying my best to lay out in the sun but i just get way to bored/distracted easily..sooo..I wanted to blog about a new lippie i am loving at the moment!

They are the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks.. a few months ago they caused quite a stir on the blogging community and i can totally see why.
I picked up my first one a few months ago in 'nudist peach' a warm toned peachy brown and literally from the first time i used it i have carried it everywhere with me (as you can clearly tell in the picture below!)

The Mirror shine lipsticks are a mix between a lipstick, a gloss and a balm, they create such a lovely sheer glossy lip and they are so moisturising. These are perfect for anyone who isn't a fan of lipgloss because of the stickyness and the gloopy texture.
What i love the most is how easy to wear they are, as they are pretty sheer they don't require a mirror to be applied you can just re-apply on the go.

After loving nudist peach so much i popped back to Boots Last week and picked up another in the most popular shade 'Beehive' - a pinky nude which after I've now worn a few times i can say i love just as much.

If your not a fan of opaque lipsticks and want something much more subtle..give these ago.

Left to right : Beehive, Nudist Peach

Nudist Peach


Left to right : Nudist peach, Beehive


  1. After reading this i had to go out and buy this in Nudist it!! I loved Beehive as well but this is just a little bit nicer on me.
    Nic xx

  2. both colors are pretty <3