Birthday Haul- Beauty products part 2


1. YSL laurent rouge volupte lipstick - Shade 1 £21

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I am SO happy with this product, it is my favourite lipstick everr! I actually could go on about it all day! First of all the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and really does reflect the high end brand. This cream based lipstick softens the lips, and the colour still lasts. I bought this product in No.1 'Nude.' It's called Nude but it's actually the prettiest pink colour, the only way I can describe it is as a light berry pink. I love that this lipstick suits both a really natural look as well as a more dramatic look. I originally went to YSL to buy Tenderpeach, which I have heard about on youtube literally a million times, it is a coral colour, but the shade of coral just really didn't suit me, so I chose Nude instead, and this colour is perfect. The lipstick also comes with a tiny mirror on the circular top, which is a nice bonus!

2. MAC Cremesheen lipstick - Creme d'Nude £12.50

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Creme D'Nude is from MAC's latest range 'In the groove'.It is a really nice everyday lipstick. It's completely nude but doesn't leave you with that awful 'concealer lips' look, the cremesheen allows the lips to still look slightly glossy. Like the YSL lipstick it suits a natural look really well, and if you want to go for a really dramatic eye, a softer lip can often look better to tone down the overall look. I would recommend this to anyone who prefers a more natural lip. Cremesheen lipsticks are my new favourite!

3. MAC Cremesheen lipstick - Creme in your coffee £12.50

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So I bought Creme d'nude first..loved it..went back and bought Creme in your coffee, and I am so glad I did, because this colour is now sold out. This colour is huge for summer 2010, it is a mid tone pink/brown (it looks a lot redder in this image). Again with it being a cremesheen lipstick is gives a really nice glossy look. I always wanted to try a darker more purple lip (often seen on Daisy Lowe and Lilly Allen) but was really unsure to whether it would suit me, so I decided to go for a slightly lighter colour. This colour really suits being worn with a dramatic smokey eye. I know a lot of people are like me and are more afraid to go for a dramatic lip, but it's bang on trend for summer, and has been seen on many Autumn/Winter 10 catwalk collections.

4. MAC Cremesheen glass - Fashion Whim £14.50

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I LOVE this lipgloss...finally a gloss that doesn't leave your leaves with that horrible sticky feel. This creamy sheen-filled lipstick is so soft, and is available in so many gorgeous colours. Each cremesheen glass is matched to a cremesheen lipstick making it either wearable on it's own or over it's namesake. Fashion Whim is a nude gloss matched to Creme d'Nude (mentioned above).

5. Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss - Lilac Pastelle

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Another lipgloss which doesn't leave your lips too sticky, this lipgloss adds just the right amount of moisture to your lips. I'd like to thing I was a bit daring with this product because the colour is definitely not something I would normally go for, or that I've tried before. The colour I chose was a soft lilac colour. If applied heavily the colour can get quite bright, but if applied lightly and blended it changes to more of a clear gloss with a lilac shimmer, which is seen in the image above, and which is great because you can choose whether to wear it more dramatic or not. When I buy glosses I always go for clear or different shades of pink, so I though I would try something different from the new Revlon range. I'm loving pastelle colours at the moment, both in clothing, nail varnish and now makeup.

6. Revlon Super lustrous lipstick - Pearl

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Why can I never just buy one product from each range, when buying the super lustrous lipgloss I had to buy the super lustrous lipstick! Unlike mac I decided not to go for the similar matching colour, for the lipstick I chose Pearl. Pearl is a very shimmery pink with a lilac undertone. It is such a pretty colour, very soft with the right amount of shimmer. After using the MAC cremesheen lipsticks I didn't expect Revlon's lipstick to have the same creamy texture, but I am very impressed with the super lustrous range, both the glosses and lipstick have a really nice cream base.

7. Revlon colorburst - Peach

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After finding out I didn't suit 'tenderpeach' by YSL I really wanted to find a shade of coral lipstick which did suit my skin tone, as it's one of my favourite colours and makeup looks for this summer. Colorburst is Revlon's latest lipstick range, and is fronted by Jessica Alba. The packaging of the product is a lot more luxurious than any other Revlon lipstick, it is in a quilted black packaging resembling the 'chanel' trademark. The range is said to be 'Luxurious, rich colour that feels virtually weightless' and after trying the product I can say that is absolutely true. These lipsticks are so pigmented but dot feel like you have caked on the colour. The coral I found is called 'peach' on the second picture this product looks slightly red, however it is a really strong coral. In the day I prefer to apply a small amount of product ( seen on the picture above) and then at night I would fully apply the colour for a stronger look.

8. ELF Mineral lipstick - Rosy Raisin £3.50

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I bought this product online, and thought it was going to be a nude/brown toned lipstick. I know I should of realised by the name, but I just looked at the picture! This lipstick is actually a pink with a brown undertone. Its a really natural colour, and at only £3.50, I wont need to use this product sparingly and will probably permanently keep this in my makeup bag to use whenever/wherever.


9. MAC Cream colour base - Improper Copper £13

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I bought this product as an impulse buy, whilst I was shopping for products I knew I wanted I spotted this multi purpose cream colour base. I love that you can use this product for so many different things, multi-purpose products are great to take on holiday or to festivals etc if you don't want to be carrying a lot of products. It can be layered over foundation and powder, and used as a blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. Improper Copper is a pinky copper colour with a very high gold frost. With the gold frost containing some shimmer I have been using this product as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow for a very natural look. This product is the prettiest colour and looks great when worn with dewy skin.

10. MAC Cream blush- Posey £16.50

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I am becoming cream blush obsessed at the moment, after watching a lot of Pixi2woo's videos on youtube (I highly recommend watching her tutorials and hauls) she is often mentioning cream blushes and how great they are, so I decided to try one out for myself. Posey is described by MAC as a 'dewy fresh rosey pink' and that's exactly how I would describe the colour myself. If you like your foundation to have that really dewy look and then find using powder blushes can take the 'dewy' look away then I highly recommend cream blushes. They allow the skin to stay dewy and are just as pigmented as powder blushes. I am LOVING posey!

11. MAC Mineralize blush duo - Happy together £17.50

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Happy together is from MAC's latest collection 'In the groove' and is a limited edition product. The duo contains a caramel colour and a darker tan colour, and I love that this mineralize blush leaves a beautiful pearl finish. The picture I've taken shows the two colours separately then how they blend together. When blended they create a really pretty pearl colour, but you can add more of the tanned colour and that will make the colour a lot stronger.

12. Laura Mercier Mosaic block - Peach £30

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Ok so this product is pretty expensive ..but this shimmer block can be used as 4 separate eyeshadows, combined as one eyeshadow or as a highlighter, so when you think of it like's really not that bad. Another thing that makes me accept the price is that I absolutely love it! The colours in this block are so so gorgeous. It contains a bright bronzy gold which makes such a gorgeous eyeshadow, a peachy coral colour, a pink and a champagne/white frosty colour.

13.Benefit blush - Coralista £23.50

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I have been wanting a coral blush for so long, and when Coralista came out I wanted it so bad, but kinda forgot about it! Until I recently went into boots and stumbled across it again. I swatched it in the shop and it's the most perfect coral blush,and it has a gorgeous slightly gold shimmer undertone. I've always been a fan of Benefit's Hoola, the products are pretty expensive but they last forever and come in such fun and bright packaging which is always a bonus! I've had my Hoola for so long now, so hopefully Coralista should last me a while too!


14. MAC 187 Duo fibre brush £29.50

I bought this brush to replace my Mac 190 foundation brush that I lost, this brush is used for blending face powder and pigments. I have been using this brush to apply my bronzer (Hoola by Benefit) and I really prefer it to using a normal powder brush. Mac brushes are expensive but there such good quality it's worth the money.

15. Elf complexion brush £3.50

This complexion brush is from ELF's studio range and can be used with wet and dry products, specifically pressed, loose, or translucent powders,blush or bronzer. For the price this brush is really good, and I have been using it for contouring,or for my overall face powder. The only brushes I have tried before from Elf are the blusher brush, kabuki brush and the concealer brush. The concealer brush was the only brush that wasn't a very good quality, but I would recommend all the others.

Part 3 clothing & shoes will be posted later this week.


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