Winter Haul!

Uhhh i feel awful, the blogging completely went down the drain during the festive period! I've also been so busy with work these past few months, day starting at 6am finishing at 7pm, by the time i get home i just want to dive into bed!

I promise to make a huge effort updating this in the new year! So my first post back i wanted to do an update of anything clothing/footwear/accessories that i've bought over the past few months.

P.S One thing i noticed whilst writing this was how much i buy from Topshop, it seems to be the only place i go to these days...must get out of this rut!


Topshop £35 - Leopard print zip pocket vest

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Tad expensive for what it is, but i'm a little bit obsessed with leopard print at the moment and had to snatch up this cute pocket vest. The fabric is very light, accessorised with a small gold zip to the left hand side. I pair this top with a bodycon skirt, chunky cardigan and ankle boots.

Topshop £25 - Bodycon skirt (Pink and navy)

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Smart and simple, these bodycon skirts are a wardrobe must have, there is nothing you cant match them with. For work pair the skirt with a shirt and boyfriend blazer, and for evening go for an embellished top and kimono.

Topshop £55 - Printed silk kimono

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The colours and fabric of this kimono are so gorgeous, the silk drapes perfectly and
the rustic floral pattern is perfect for both summer and winter, perfect to carry through to next year.

Topshop £45 - Cape

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The 'cape' is one of this years statement jackets. I snatched this one up at London's Topshop in one of the designers collections. I particularly loved the deep red colour, which is one of my favourite colours this season, and the peter pan esque collar. I thought the price was very reasonable for this peice!

Topshop £45 - Long lurex knitted cardigan

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I thought this cardigan was perfect for the festive season, black knit with sparkly coral pink lurex going through. The cardigan is pretty long and goes to mid thigh length on me (bare in mind im only 5 ft 4!) and has three quarter length sleeves. Rather annoyingle topshop has added it into their christmas sale, so you'll be able to grab this for £25!


Topshop £45- Fur rimmed wedges

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Ok so the main reason for buying these wedges was my need for sensible evening shoes in this awful weather we've had these past few weeks... 6inch platforms and black ice..not a good idea. So i opted for wedges instead, and these fur rimmed ones we're perfect for this seasons sherling trend.

River Island - Fur cuff ankle boots

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I'm always on the look out for different ankle boots, ones that arent flimsy that still get your feet soaked in the rain, and ones that arent just plain black! These fur cuff ankle boots can be worn in several different ways..cuff up...cuff down..cuff folded back, perfect for changing up an outfit.


Topshop - Zip front bag.

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Plain, black and simple.. and well the shape sort of reminded me of alexander wangs rocco studded bag..which i think i have now come to terms with the fact that i may never own!

Accessorise- Chunky knit heart gloves and earmuffs

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Simply for the fact that i cannot get through this winter without these or my hands/ears may fall off... or in Rebecca Bloomwoods words 'As it is winter....and i have hands' .. perfect exscuse. (Those who have never seen confessions of a shopaholic will have no idea what im talking about )
Primark £4 - Sequin bow headband

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Headbands are such an easy way to update a look without any effort..or in most peoples cases are the quickest thing to put on when you have no time to do anything to your hair. I picked up these two from primark for just £4, not going to get them any cheaper than that!

Primark £4 - Sequin flower headband

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Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, keep checking back for my next post on my favourite Christmas presents!


  1. I really love everything you got !!
    Expecially the ear muffs, gloves, cape and fur boots. You got some really cute things !!


  2. love the leopard print tshirt!
    laurie x

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  3. wow someone likes topshop ;)
    some great buys here! the river island booties are my fav!

  4. i love the top! it it so great! :)


  5. Nice haul! Topshop have some great - and affordable - designs.