In & Out


- Metallic nail polishes. So far this month I've been loving metallic nail varnishes, my favourite is MAC's soiree from the Cham pale collection, it's a beautiful rose gold, I'm also dying to get my hands on GOSH's Holographic.

- Tom Ford Black Orchid. I am a huge fan of really strong heavy perfumes, and this Tom Ford one is just perfect for me. The scent is very earthy and warm with hints of heavy florals. The notes include Black truffle, Jasmine, incense and sandalwood.

- Healthy life style. Since the first of January 2011 i have chosen to adopt a new healthy lifestyle, and i definitely plan to keep this up. This mainly consists of trying to eat fresh foods, lot's of fruit, and only drinking water and cordial.

- Travelling Plans. Hopefully this year I will be going to Thailand for a month with my best friend, which i am sooo excited about. It's sort of as a 'well done for getting through the internship year'/my 21st.

- Being career Focused - Recently I've been so focused on career plans, which at the moment mainly is doing my absolute best at my internship. It's definitely not easy, I'm doing 12 hour days, travelling just over an hour each way...but i know it will be worth it in the end.


- Snow. I'm so sick of this bad weather, I know it's winter and I can just about deal with the rain and the freezing cold, but snow and public transport just make my life hell!

- No Camera. Once again I have broken my camera, i can't even remember if I've ever had one i haven't broke. I have no idea how I've done it but it has been sent off to be fixed. Apologies for the lack of product reviews, I have plenty typed up just needs to add the pictures.

- Public transport. Trains are becoming the bane of my life, very rarely are they ever on time and they are absolutely freezing. Bring on this summer when i can drive!


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