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Being a neutral lover and not one to shun a new Mac collection i went ahead and ordered a few products from one of Mac's newest collections 'Cham Pale.' These being Fix+ Lavender,Paint pot in Vintage selection, Eye pencil in I get no kick, and Nail Lacquer in Soiree.

Fix+ Lavender £12.50

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I really cant explain how much I've come to loving this product over the past month, and I'm definitely kicking myself for not getting the regular fix+ sooner. I used to have my doubts about fix+, can spraying a liquid over your makeup really make a huge different....well turns can, it's just knowing how to use it.
Before buying this product i watched Holly's video on how to use Fix+ and since then I have gone on to use this technique in my everyday routine (Click here for Holly's blog.) It's so simple, the best way to use fix+ is to apply it after you have finished your face makeup (foundation,powder,bronzer and blush etc) , spray 4-5 times to cover the face evenly then using a hairdryer, at arms length away blast the face until the product dries, this literally takes about 10-15 seconds.
The product leaves your skin with the most gorgeous dewy finish, it brings out the pigments in your blusher/highlighter and blends the products evenly on your skin As well as this it also makes your makeup last a lot longer than it regularly would. I really love the glow this product gives the skin and it's great to carry around with you to keep your makeup looking fresh. I highly recommend fix+!

Paint pot - Vintage selection £13.50 (Sold out online)

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As i huge fan of Mac you'll probably be surprised to hear i have never tried one of their staple products..the paint pot! I'm not sure why because I've always loved the look of them, just never got round to swatching them instore. However, when i saw the swatch for Vintage selection online it seemed to tick all the round boxes...creamy, neutral and metallic. This product is so easy to apply, it blends very easily and looks great to wear on it's own, which is a plus if like me some mornings you don't have time to do full eyemakeup. Another way of using a paintpot which i have been doing a lot since buying vintage selection is using it as a base for your eyeshadows, this really makes the colours pop and adds a slight shimmer to any look.

Eye Pencil - I get no kick £13

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I have to say i ordered this product purely from persuasion of seeing other bloggers talk about how great this product is. Now I'm guilty for doing this a lot, sometimes it's great because i end up loving the product as well, but othertimes I end up very disappointed...and with I got no kick i have to say there was a slight bit of disappointment for me. First of all i love this product for highlighting the inner corner of the eye, it opens up my eyes and makes me look more awake. However the reason i bought this product was for my waterline, mainly because i hardly ever wear dark colours on my waterline in the day-time i just don't think it suits me. When swatched this is a gorgeous champagne colour with a gold undertone but for some reason this just doesn't show up on my waterline. I have no idea if it is just me the product doesn't work for, but i will be sticking to using this as a highlighter.

Nail Lacquer - Soiree £9 (Sold out online)

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I was in two minds whether to buy this polis from Mac as i am constantly reading about how bad the consistancy is of Mac polishes and how they tale 3-4 coats to apply evenly, but, as you all know I've been loving metallic polishes recently so i just had to snap up Soiree. This colour is really difficult to describe, it's the most beautiful rose gold but can also look pewter under different lights. I was pleasantly suprised with using this for the first time as i felt it applied easily,evenely and only took two coats as a normal polishes does, i definatly have no complaints. I've really love how unique this colour is and i haven't come across a dupe anywhere! If you can get hold of this i would definitely purchase it! I have been wearing this colour for work a lot this month!

What are your favourite's from Mac's Cham Pale?


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