Good Things

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Award winning beauty journalist Alice Hart- Davis has just launched her own 10 product skin care range. The Good Things collection includes wipes, cleanser,moisturiser,exfoliating polish and face masks. All products are made up of super fruit beauty booster extracts from mango, goji berry and lychee, allowing the skin to appear nourished, whilst keeping the complexion clear and targeting hydration . All products are extremely affordable at under £10, which is appropriate for the target market of 'younger skin'. There is nothing worse then spending ridiculous amount of money on skin care products that have been hyped up over the internet and in magazines, and then finding it just doesn't suit your skin type. The range is specifically designed for teens and girls in their twenties, although having been tried and tested all products are still usable for any age. I am so pleased a skin care range has been created specifically for younger skin, as it is incredibly hard to find any affordable eye brighteners, night cream or anti puffiness products that don't contain some kind of anti-ageing ingredient. The Good Things range is now available to buy from Boots in-store and on-line at

Once i have tried a few of these products i will be doing a review.


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