In & Out


The weather - Yay the suns finally back, it may not quite be hot enough for flipflops and sunbathing but it sure puts a smile on my face
Tan - Back to applying the Xentan weekly and maybe a few visits to the sunbeds...time to get that healthy glow back
American TV - Why is it American TV series are so much better than ours? I'm currently addicted to The Event and Pretty Little Liars.
Minimal daytime makeup - I'm not sure if it's because the weathers got a little warmer or just because i prefer the extra 10 minutes in beds but I've recently only been wearing the essentials aka foundation, mascara and lip balm.


- I hate saving, nothing worse than doing 13 hour days and not being able to go shopping and spend it all!
Travelling - Yup once again I'm moaning about my daily train journeys..i seriously hate the amount of time i spend on them.
Rebbecca Black song - Once you hear it there's no getting that out of your head.

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