In & Out - June 11


  • Summer - We're past the 1st of June and this weekend we had a heat wave..summer has begun..bring on the BBQ's!

  • Enjoying my buying might just be for me.

  • Confessions of a shopaholic - The one good thing about having to travel alot for get through alot of books! I'm currently on the 4th book in the shopaholic series..Rebbecca bloomwood is my soul sister!

  • Pedicures - It's finally warm enough to wear pretty sandals again..back to maintaining the toes.

  • Reality TV - I hate to admit it but i really do LOVE made in Chelsea and Geordie shore.


  • Britain's got talent - Anyone else really disappointed with this series?..borrring. (Except the hot french dancer ;) )

  • My Magazine addiction - I really need to cut down..buying the amount of magazines i do every week really isn't good for my bank account , i don't know why i buy so many when i can read all the gossip etc online!

  • My skin - It's gone from being so dry to the oiliest it's ever been...and although i hated it at the time I'd take dry skin any day over oily.


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